Weihrauch HW99S Air Rifle


The Weihrauch HW99 may be an entry level springer, but it is still a great rifle. Designed to be used with open sights, the stock has been specifically designed to help the shooter get the most from the rifle. The lower cheek piece means your head will always be perfectly aligned with the rear and front sight and the narrow fore-end makes then rifle easy to hold.The HW99 is set at about 10.5ftlbs and even though this is below the maximum 12ftlbs, it is still enough to hunt, plink and kill targets. The added bonus of the weaker spring makes the HW99 easier to cock and the recoil easier to control. The Weihrauch HW99 still has all the usual refinement and build quality that we have come to expect from this German air rifle manufacturer.

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Style Sporter
Weight 3.2kg
System Spring Power
Action Type Breakbarrel
Power 11+ft lbs
Barrel Length 410mm
Over All Length 1050mm

Collections: Spring Powered

Category: air rifle, hw99

Type: Spring Powered

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