Tracer Sport Gun Light 140mm Scope Mounted TR1402


12V Sport Gun Lighting solutions from Tracer

Powerful, Lightweight & Durable.

Adjustable focusing system, this allows you to 'zero-in' on small targets or flood large areas.

Variable Power - Precisely control the lights power output: Torch light, half power and full beam.

High Performance: Featuring a vertical filament 50W halogen bulb, capable of producing a super bright 400 metre beam.

High Quality Construction: Encased in a sealed Polycarbonate body.

Featuring a flawless reflector and high impact Lexan lens ensuring your beam is always perfect.

The fully weatherproof polycarbonate body, provides excellent protection from the elements.

Tracer Sport Gun Lights feature an innovative beam elevation control allowing a ten degree movement of the light (up or down).

They are available in two reflector sizes to suit your individual needs: 170mm and 140mm.

Sport Gun Lights have an adjustable focusing system, this allows you to zero-in on small targets or flood large areas.

Spot / Flood: Adjust your beam from spot to flood to suit every situation with a simple turn of the reflector housing.

Precise Speed Elevation Control: Sport Gun Lights can be adjusted +/- 10 degrees so the beam is perfectly in line with the rifle scope field of view.

Power Supply: A 12V power supply is required to operate the light. We recommend our high performance Lithium Polymer Battery Packs. Alternatively a 12V vehicle power supply can be used.

Optional 'Snap-On' Filters: Available to purchase separately in Red, Amber, Green, Blue and Infra-Red.

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