Tracer Lithium Polymer Power Pack 12v 10Ah


Lithium battery packs offer tremendous advantages over traditional sealed lead acid SLA batteries.

A Gardenature Bird Box Camera would run for approximately 20 hours on continuous use with this Battery Pack

Extremely lightweight (1/3 weight of sealed lead Acid)
Smaller physical size
The built in gauge lets you know how much power is left in your battery.
Longer lasting discharge
Faster recharge time
Overcharge and short circuit protected
Robust ABS case with quality canvas belt case
AC mains charger
DC vehicle charger on all models
Canvas carry pack with belt loop
Supplied with 12V cigar adaptor

These Lithium Ion Power Packs will make you wonder how you managed to carry large and heavy sealed lead acid battery packs. Lithium battery packs have improved power delivery as well as being one third of the weight when compared to the sealed lead acid equivalent. The lightweight battery pack is enclosed in an attractive green and black shock absorbing case, designed to slip easily into a large pocket or into the included outer canvas case.

Fuel Gauge

The built in fuel gauge lets you know how much power is left in your battery. Simply press the button to illuminate the display giving an accurate indication. Intelligent fuel gauge let’s you know the power status of your Tracer battery.

This battery pack is supplied with a purpose designed mains charger, a12V DC vehicle charger and cigar connector for 12V lights.

Suitable for many uses

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