Tetra All In One Rifle Cleaning Kit

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Tetra Gun All-in-One Cleaning Kit

Made of ultra-durable vinyl that withstands the elements on the outside and resists water and grease on the inside, the All-in-One cleaning kit is designed for use in the field. Also included is a foldout gun mat, which is handy for disassembling and cleaning firearms when away from your work bench. Interior pockets, straps and aclear enclosure provides optimum flexibility for keeping accessories organized the way you want, as well as secure when you’re on the go.

The Tetra Gun care All-In-One Cleaning Kit includes:

• Tetra Gun Triple Action™ cleaner, solvent & light lubricant
• Bronze brushes for .22, .30, .357, .38 and .45 calibers, 9mm, and 12 gauge
• High quality double-ended nylon brush
• High quality 4-piece cleaning rod with muzzle guide
• Rifle/pistol adapter & patch holder
• Cotton mop
• Cotton patches in assorted sizes
• Lubricated cleaning cloth
• #1 & #3 screwdrivers
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