Coast TX10 Quad Color LED Torch


The TX10 Quad-Color torch has, white, red, green and blue LED’s - each controlled by a separate switch. White light is ideal for all-purpose illumination and provides perfect color distinction and clarity. Red is best when you only need a little bit of light - it preserves night vision. Green preserves night vision but with adequate color distinction, which allows hunters to move about at night or read maps without scaring off game. The blue preserves night vision and can cut through fog. A lightweight aluminum casing offers great durability and will hold up to heavy daily use. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards by an independent laboratory.

Beam optics - Quad colour
Light output: 80 Lumens
Beam distance: 108ft / 33m
Runtime: 9Hrs 45mins
Length: 3.95" / 10.0cm
WEIGHT: 3.0 Oz / 85g
Battery requirement: 3 x AAA

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