Clulite The Light Fantastic


The Light "Fantastic" is the lightest, brightest high tech LED rechargeable hand torch on the market. At only 460g (including batteries) this torch is extremely lightweight and produces an impressive 500m beam. The LED bulb has a life of 50,000 hours and the case is rugged and robust enough to deal with life out in the field. A built in tilting stand makes it easy to direct light where it's needed and makes it perfect for hands free use.

The Light "Fantastic" comes with a shoulder strap, mains charger and vehicle charger.

Key Features:
* 50,000 hour LED Bulb life
* 600 complete charge/discharge cycles
* Overcharge and short-circuit protection
* High impact case and shock absorbing rim
* Computer designed reflector
* Built in tilting stand
* Comfort design handle and rubber press switch


* Duration (high): 3 hours
* Duration (medium): 20 hours
* Duration (strobe): 3 hours
* Beam: 500m
* Battery: 4.8v 2200mAH NiMH
* Bulb: LED Cree
* Weight: 460g
* Mains charger: Recharge time 8 hours

Price Includes VAT

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