Barbour Dunmoor Sporter Jacket


Walking, sailing, cycling and other outdoor sports have been making use of softshell fabrics for some years now, as the participants have been quick to catch on to the benefits of this fabric.

The shooting market however has been a bit slow on the uptake, but Barbour are attempting to break the mould by using this fantastic technical fabric in a new shooting jacket.

The new Dunmoor Sporter combines the fit of the best selling Dunmoor fleece, with the comfort and durability of soft shell.

One of the problems shooters have had with soft shell is the untraditional look, however by combining it with a conventional cut, Barbour has solved the problem.

The great thing with this fabric is the strech and freedom of movement it allows, even when close fitting, ideal for keeping you warm and dry, but without restriction in movement when reaching to shoot.

We are expecting it to be one of the really big hits for this coming season.

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