A Foxers Year


This fieldcraft book uses a number of narratives - usually night shooting of foxes - to show how to dispose of pests that endanger livestock. Usual hunting methods, such as lamping, may often kill off the younger, inexperienced animals, but for the wily, experienced hunters you need to be as cunning as they are. A Foxer's Year provides the technical tips and pointers the hunter needs. After introducing his equipment and methods, Patrick Hook covers the year month by month, discussing how the change of the seasons alters the tasks and techniques of the hunter. Each month includes a number of first-hand accounts of hunts to demonstrate some of the challenges that foxers may be faced with as the seasons and weather change. These are accompanied by photos, step-bystep line drawings, and highlights of fieldcraft techniques.

About the author

Dr Patrick Hook has studied natural history for many years and his love for the countryside can clearly be seen in the twenty or so books he has written.

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