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Night Owl Optics - Nexgen NDB3X

Price: £529.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


The Night Owl Nexgen binoculars feature the premium performance of the Nexgen binocular with the added feature of two 5X lens for better close up viewing. As with the Nexgen NOB3X, these binoculars feature improved ocular lens with precise diopter adjustment, Night Owl's exclusive Steel Stringer System for precision and control and our built-in infrared illuminator for clear and bright viewing in complete darkness.
Product Features

* Generation 1 Technology. Central Focusing. Integrated Infrared All Glass Optics
* Field of View - 53' at a distance of 200'
* Minimum Focus Range = 6.6 ft.
* Interocular distance = 2.27-2.95"
* High quality, all glass optics for both objective and ocular lens

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