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LR Active - 2 Ply Camo Stealth Hide Net

Price: £25.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


This is probably the best Camouflage netting on the market. Aptly named "Stealth Cammo" this net is an unbelieveable advance in concealment technology.

Available from LR Active in the 2 ply version. Easy to see through but the birds cannot see in, as in the photo.

Measure 4 meters x 1.5 meters..more than enough for a roomy hide.
Given its size the net still compacts down incredibly well and is also very light in weight making it a delight to use.
The best feature of the net is the pattern and texture. Printed in british forces camo.
Die cut to produce a 3 Dimensional Leaf effect, the net literally dissappears when set against a hedge.
The Netting is also non-snagging so you wont ever snag your gun barrels in it!
Even better it's dead easy to see out of from the inside making for less unseen birds.

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