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Hawke Panorama 3-9 x 40 IR EV HK5160

Price: £98.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


Hawke Sport Optics is at the forefront of ballistic reticle design. The technological approach that Hawke pioneers results in reticles that are perfected for specific shooting requirements and disciplines. The reticles are not just designed to look attractive, they actually work in the field in real shooting situations.

Hawke Ballistic reticles are designed to work with your trajectory.The 10x and 20x 1/2 Mil Dot reticles are a fully floating design. They feature dots and 'ties' spaced at 1/2 Mil Dot spacing and whole Mil spacing.

EV opticla systems are newly developed to give an additional 20% field of view, over the standard riflescopes.

"Panorama IR 3-9x40
"Fully multi-coated optics
"Illuminated 1/2 Mil Dot reticle
"Glass etched ballistic reticle
"EV optical system for 20% wider FOV
"High grip zoom ring
"Red/blue illuminated reticle

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