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Hawke - Frontier - G20 - 3 - 9 x 40 Mil Dot

Price: £115.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Model: HK3352

The Frontier scope family is the result of a combination of British design and leading Japanese manufacture top quality materials and precision ground multi-coated lenses. All Frontier branded riflescopes are guaranteed to out perform the competition and offer the best value - quality pricing combination on the market. Whether you are hunting target shooting or shooting long range varmint the precision and accuracy of the Frontier Side Focus scope from Hawke allows for the perfect shot.

The one piece 1 inch diameter mono-tube body and the rugged design of the internal lens assembly is strong enough to withstand all types of heavy recoil. The side focus enables quick target range estimation and this coupled with highly accurate target turrets and a choice of reticle means youll always be on target.

With the Mil Dot Reticle there are 11 aiming points for elevation to enable hold over or hold under to compensate for long range and close range shots Designed by Hawke Optics and manufactured in Japan Frontier side focus riflescopes are engineered to the highest optical standards. Hunters and target shooters will appreciate the performance of the fully multi-coated lenses that offer both clarity and true contrast at all levels of light.

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