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Clulite - Double Belt Pack - PP8

Price: £76.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Clulite's 12v 14amp canvas belt pack is the most reliable on the market.

Hard wearing canvas case.
Adjustable belt.
Fully fused.

Fitted with cigar socket ( L7 12v Vehicle Charging Lead).

Power pack comes supplied complete with vehicle charging lead and belt.

This pack may be used as either two separate 12v 7amp/hr packs, or with the adaptor lead, one 12v 14 amp/hr pack. Any lamp or small electrical device requirering a 12 volt 'negative earth' D.C supply of less than 10 amp/hr (120 watts) and fitted with a cigar lighter type of plug can be operated from this powe pack.


Battery: 12v 14 amp/hr Power Pack (B8 x 2)
L26 Adaptor Lead
L24C Fully fused 20 x 5mm 10 amp (F3), Battery floating lead x 2 with cigar socket connections.

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